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Recycling Details: 

Did You Know?
*Each TV or Computer Monitor contains 4 to 8 pounds of hazardous lead.

The Differences of Computer Recycler's:

Reuse or get Shredded


When it's time to dispose of your computer, it's either broken or out dated.  Most broken computers are still perfectly fine with just 1 or 2 flaws.  Everyone knows that the best thing to do with an old computer is to recycle it properly by using a registered computer recycler, usually recommended by the computer manufacturer.  But what everyone doesn't know is that there are 2 different kinds of computer recyclers and each handle recycling of computers differently. 


Majority of old computers are dumped into the garbage to be buried forever, but the few computers that get sent to the recyclers have two ways of being recycled, recycled through reuse or shredded for new.  The recyclers that reuse can separate vital components to be reused again on other broken computers.  The recyclers that shred for new will shred everything into a pile of shredded metal and plastic.  This must then be separated and melted into new metal to be manufactured into new computer parts.


The recyclers that prefer to reuse computers will separate the good usable parts from the broken parts, whether the part is made of plastic or metal.  Each used computer part will then be reused to fix other broken computers, or used to build a completely new computer from all used computer parts.  The complete process has no wasted energy in shredding or remanufacturing and keeps even more computers in operation from the reused parts.


When you shred a computer, everything gets destroyed in order to make new parts.   Majority of the parts being shredded are still in perfect condition that could be reused to fix other broken computers, which are also being shredded.  Completely shredding computers waste a tremendous amount of energy and then manufacturing the shredded material into new parts wastes even more energy.  We already manufactured these computers once so there's no reason to start over, unless you're a large computer manufacturer looking for extra sales.


Recycling computers is always the best decision but recycling your old computer through a reuse computer recycler is the absolute best.   Help keep more computers in operation with less computers needing recycling.  Choose a reuse computer recycler, one who takes used computer parts to fix broken computers.  Doing so will save tremendous amounts of broken computers, valuable energy, while lowering demand for replacement computers.  Remember, your computer manufacturer wants nothing more then you to shred your old computer so please do not follow their recycling instructions because they only refer recyclers that shred.

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